Men in Latex

Looking through my posts, it’s apparent that I’ve been trying to focus on men’s latex fashion/style.  The reasons for this are varied and manifold, however, the simplest explanation is that I’m a kinky gay man - I like seeing men in latex, and this blog gives me an additional reason to cruise the net for more interesting photos.  Nonetheless, I like to believe it is more than that.  It feels like there is a conspicuous void in the net when it comes to guys in stylish latex gear.  For sure, there is a lot of kinky latex pornography, which is great.  Much of this type of media, however, is typically shot in such a manner that it feels like the latex is an afterthought and could easily be swapped with a banana peel, a salt shaker (if such fetishes existed, as I’m sure they do), or some similarly ridiculous item and you would still understand that the video is of two or more men having sex who happen to be wearing latex, a banana peel, etc.  There are exceptions, of course, particularly with the rise of user generated photography.  

Anyway ,what I’m looking for aesthetically pleasing photos where latex is clearly the main purpose of the photo or video.  This is something that seems prevalent in women’s latex.  Look up ‘latex’ on Tumblr, for example, and you’ll find page after page of lovely ladies in latex.  There are so many styles, looks and pure awesomeness in these photos, and I can’t help but feel jealous and wonder where I can find photos of men in similarly awesome outfits.  I know it’s out there, just check out this amazing outfit (Tail Jaquette and Top Copello) again from Vex Clothing.

I hope that I’m just looking in the wrong place.  Please feel free to share cool photos, blogs or links that are related to men’s latex fashions.  As it is, I’ll continue carving out my little niche in this corner of the tumblrverse.


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