From Blackstore Universe, this is “The Perfect Rubber Boy”.

For the most part, I’m not terribly excited by scenes of full-body, extreme rubber encasement.  However, I thought this store’s marketing strategy was worth mention.  In addition to selling single items, they’ve also produced a series of complicated, rubber outfit sets.  For example, the “perfect rubber boy’ appears to be a thick rubber catsuit, with high rubber waders, thick industrial rubber gloves and a lot of bondage straps.  The hood completely covers the head and the eyes appear to be blacked out, though I imagine this is optional.  There is also a breathing mask on the front that connects to a back unit, which is apparently used for putting different scents or poppers, I guess.  This is all pretty intense, and definitely only for the hardcore rubber enclosure fetishists. By marketing this as a full set, it inspires the imagination and creates pre-formed fantasy/persona for guys to lust after, which the sellers hope will increase sales.  It is kind of cool to consider, and some companies use this method, while others just use hot guys.  Of course, some use both strategies though for me it starts feeling like there is too much marketing and this turns me off.

In the end, I’d probably give this guy a try, but its certainly not something I’m saving my pennies to buy.


The Bizarre Rubber Boy

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