somewhere the sun is shining :D models The Aussie Pole Boys wearing the Catalyst Kilt ♥
photographer Shayne Fergusson

It has been far too long since I’ve shared something from Catalyst Latex. If you recall, Catalyst specializes in chlorinated latex which is treated so that it is soft, silky and smooth. It gives it a very different feeling, and also much easier to wear.

Anyway, this Catalyst Kit photo highlights both great latex and great photography. I really like the crumbling stone at the edge of the lake, with all the sunlight pouring in over the latex and the boys. As for the latex, these items look very professional. It’s difficult to tell without the item in my hands, but the seams look smooth and cleanly finished. The colour choices are lovely, and the pleats are particularly well done. The pleats really make this kilt.

Some time ago, I was talking about waist coast. From Catalyst Latex, this is what I usually think of when I think of a traditional waist coat. Also, the cargo shorts in this photo are close to what I want/like, except I would prefer something more tapered and slim fit at the lower end. Overall, this combination seems really relaxed and I could almost imagine wearing it out and about.

Today we’re looking at more Scottish inspired latex, this time from Catalyst Latex.  In this photo, you’ll notice the nice pleated kilt (yes, it’s not a true kilt) and the sporran.  A sporran is a purse-like accessory that functions as a pocket when wearing pocketless kilts.  This is a great idea, and considering how rare functional pockets are in latex clothing, I may need to pick one up myself.  The kilt, one of the nicer ones I’ve seen, has pleats with contrasting colours.  The kilt itself seems to be made from a more heavy duty rubber, which helps keep the pleats from sticking to each other.  

Catalyst Latex also specializes in chlorinated latex.  While regular latex sticks to your body and squeeks a lot, chlorinated latex slides smoothly over skin, making it a lot easier to put on then regular latex.  It’s up to individual taste whether you like chlorinated or unchlorinated.  I’ve never tried chlorinated latex, so I can’t say but I definitely enjoy the friction you feel when latex sticks to your skin.  Chlorination is actually an easy thing to do.  All you need is mix together some bleach and some hydrochloric acid to form chlorine gas, which bonds to the latex and makes it smooth and nice.  These chemicals can be dangerous, so I’d make sure to check the instructions on Catalyst Latex’s website.  Alternately, you can leave the chemistry to others and send your garments to catalyst for chlorination. As for the kilt that I meant to talk more about, the latex is probably chlorinated, which helps prevent the pleats to stick to each other and to your skin.

-thanks twohandstochoke for inspiring this post

Slim Cardigan - Catalyst Latex

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This photo is from the Catalyst Latex website but it’s hard to tell what’s going on with all the angst clouding the picture.  It looks like he’s wearing a slim fit cardigan and with the yoke polo shirt.  Both items look nice and I would probably buy both, given more monetary units.  Overall, I like this fellow’s look but didn’t have much luck finding more about him on the Darkslide photography website.

I should mention that Catalyst Latex specializes in chlorinated rubber, which is rubber that has been treated with a base (i.e.bleach) and an acid (i.e.vinegar) to change the surface of the rubber such that is it smooth and easy to put on without lube or talc!  Very cool!

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