I mostly wanted to show this transparent, longsleeve V-neck shirt from RubAddictions because of this guy’s tattoos. I’m not especially excited by tattoos (though they don’t hurt), nor do I want tattoos (mostly because I don’t think I’d look very good with a tattoo) However, this guy has some amazing artwork on his skin, why not show it off with some see through latex? 

I’d venture to say that most guys would have a really hard time pulling off a completely see through latex shirt made of “natural” coloured rubber. With this model, it almost looks like his tattoos are actually part of the shirt. Amazing!


It’s funny how tumblr shapes you. I skip a few days of posting, and I feel like I’ve failed all my followers. In most other blog formats, I feel like even once a week is considered “regularly” updated. Anyway, sorry for the slight hiccup in my posting schedule. It’s been super crazy with abstract deadlines, job searches and surprise birthday cake baking.

Today’s awesome rubber item is the “Fashion Football Pants with Braces” from RubAddiction. If you have been with the program for awhile, you probably know that I tend to have an aversion to patterned latex. When I say patterned, I mean things with paint splatters, textures, marbling, etc. I find that many designers use the pattern as a way to cover up their laziness. Instead of coming up with neat features, fancy trim, etc. they just use the pattern to say, “look at all this hard work” when it is really just a plain old shirt. 

Well, Rubaddiction has me taking back my words. I feel like these knee length pants (knickers) of theirs makes use of patterned latex in a most effective manner. I mean..just look at them. The side stripes and inner thigh patches of contrasting, patterned latex look really snazzy and professional. I really like the patterned latex pant pockets, which allow you to see the blue underneath. The seams and the hems look neat and durable. Everything just works! Needless to say, I love these pants and wouldn’t mind having a pair of these in my closet. I’m also a big fan of knee length pants. Call me conservative, but I don’t like showing off too much skin :)

(Source: rubaddiction.eu)



The new menswear collection from Am Statik is just amazing.

- Thank you <3  Photo by Amy Day, Model Paul

AmStatik’s latest menswear collection deserves way more attention than it’s garnered thus far. These pieces are both fashionable and kinky at the same time. While I may skip on the fur lined vest, I do love the pewter zig-zag line pattern ending with chrome studs on the bottom right. The pants incorporate some of the same stud-line combinations and are amazing. Meanwhile, the bottom let photo has a great classic look. Anyway, I’m not sure what else I can say about these items, so I’ll just leave you with words from their website.

Am Statik latex first started in late 2009 when Amy Day had her first debut collection at Festival of Sins a popular Alt/Fetish night at the time. From then Amy decided to continue creating couture rubber garments that would bring something fresh and interesting to the fetish world. Specializing in sculpture at university allows Amy to create uniquicly textured garments as well as a new take on styles and cuts that are popular within the latex fashion world. Since 2009 further collections have been made in the same highly inspired and eclectic style that comes with every Am Statik garment, with each garment being handmade in London, UK.

Today we’re looking at more Scottish inspired latex, this time from Catalyst Latex.  In this photo, you’ll notice the nice pleated kilt (yes, it’s not a true kilt) and the sporran.  A sporran is a purse-like accessory that functions as a pocket when wearing pocketless kilts.  This is a great idea, and considering how rare functional pockets are in latex clothing, I may need to pick one up myself.  The kilt, one of the nicer ones I’ve seen, has pleats with contrasting colours.  The kilt itself seems to be made from a more heavy duty rubber, which helps keep the pleats from sticking to each other.  

Catalyst Latex also specializes in chlorinated latex.  While regular latex sticks to your body and squeeks a lot, chlorinated latex slides smoothly over skin, making it a lot easier to put on then regular latex.  It’s up to individual taste whether you like chlorinated or unchlorinated.  I’ve never tried chlorinated latex, so I can’t say but I definitely enjoy the friction you feel when latex sticks to your skin.  Chlorination is actually an easy thing to do.  All you need is mix together some bleach and some hydrochloric acid to form chlorine gas, which bonds to the latex and makes it smooth and nice.  These chemicals can be dangerous, so I’d make sure to check the instructions on Catalyst Latex’s website.  Alternately, you can leave the chemistry to others and send your garments to catalyst for chlorination. As for the kilt that I meant to talk more about, the latex is probably chlorinated, which helps prevent the pleats to stick to each other and to your skin.

-thanks twohandstochoke for inspiring this post

Have you checked out the men’s collections from RuBear.ru? Their textured black jacket looks very nice. It is also the place where I purchased the inflatable alien hood.

— twohandstochoke

Look at this stunning jacket from Rubear.ru.  Aside from being a nicely detailed sports coat, the latex itself has a textured, pinstripe-like pattern that I absolutely adore.  The textured pattern makes for a much more interesting jacket, and makes it probably one of the nicest latex jackets that I’ve seen around.  Fantastico!

As you can see above, Twohandstochoke was the one who keyed me into Rubear, which makes him one of the coolest and most awesome tumblr/fetlife buddies out there.  The rest of you all really need to re-evaluate your lives and send me cool links and messages!

Let’s check out this Latex Uniform with Piping from JT’s Stockroom.  This company is apparently one of the original fetish dealers from the USA. 

JT’s Stockroom is the oldest sex toy company on the Internet. Its history as an online retailer predates the World Wide Web. 

The company was started in 1988 as “JT Toys” by Joel Tucker, a student at Occidental College. Using his student email account, he distributed an all-text catalog that was distributed via email, FTP, gopher sites, and Bulletin Board Systems. 

The company became known to the Internet community via Usenet newsgroup discussions in 1990. The company offered a range of sexual paraphernalia, including BDSM supplies and bondage gear. Beginning in 1995, two years after the invention of the World Wide Web, the company established a website. The online catalog features 2000+ adult products, including safe sex supplies, a large selection of bondage, BDSM and electrical gear, books, magazines, etc. You’ll also find product photos, interactive ordering, an erotic photo gallery, and a free chat room. In 2001, JT’s Stockroom acquired a publishing company, Daedalus Publishing. In 2006, JT’s Stockroom acquired renowned latex couture design shop Syren

Very cool!  The pattern for the uniform shirt was apparently copied from original WWII uniforms, making it a realistic item for military roleplay. The piping adds definition to the shirt, and is a nice touch. Even though you can choose your colours, I would aim for high contrast colours to achieve the best effect. I also really like the epaulettes (shoulder ornaments) in this shirt. All these little effects come together to bring a really lovely and interesting shirt. I love I’m amused by how disinterested the model looks in this photo. I would happily take his place if he wants to find another side job.

Let’s look at the lovely smokey rubber shirt and shorts with blue bar from Fetiche Armada.  Based in Montreal, Quebec, Fetiche is a relatively new fetish supplier that also carries it’s own line of gear. Here’s what they have to say about themselves.

Fétiche Armada started 3 years ago, when Ghislain and Benoit decided one night that Montreal needed more fetish/leather parties. They created Fétiche Armada as a promoter of events for the city. After many great evenings in town (still going on every two months) they realised that the fetish/leather gear offering in the city was not at the level they wanted. They felt there was a lack of evolution and choice in the local offering. That day Fétiche Armada , the store, was born. 

Smokey rubber shorts, blue barI love this combination of simple, yet sexy and interesting rubber top and shorts.  The blue and black lines on the side does well on it’s own, but I particularly like it when combined and continuous along the shirt and shorts.  Some people prefer their latex to be sleek and streamlined with no disruption or seams in their latex.  I personally feel seams can be interesting in the right items, and can highlight and give texture to what may otherwise be an unexciting piece.  Today’s combination may be a good example of such seams.

Here we have the Coloured Polo from Latex101.

This is exactly the same shirt as the one I bought.  I got it on discount because it had been used for their photoshoot.  This is the point where you validate my existence and tell me how they should have used me for the photoshoot rather than their model :).

Anyway, it’s Pride weekend Vancouver, and unfortunately I don’t have too many things lined up.  Maybe I’ll march in the parade with the gay swim team, and I may attend a party or two, but I imagine it will be low key.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like there will be any rubber dress ups during the weekend.  There didn’t seem to be any appropriately themed parties, with the closest thing being maybe the Bear parties.  However, I’ve never felt very welcome in that crowd because I don’t display any of the characteristics that bears seem to like. Maybe I should go and wear rubber anyway?  It would have to be at a night time event because rubber and sun = sweaty mess.

It’s amazing how a change in colour choice can make all the difference! Above, we have the Querelle Top with Sailor Pants and below we have the Dockers Top, both from Breathless rubber.  Other than the colour, they seem to be exactly the same shirt but the overall look of both is very distinct.  I prefer the Dockers Top, but I’m sure the kinky sailor costume would go over well at a non-kinky costume/Halloween party.

I figured that some of you would enjoy this Empire Military Coat from Breathless.  In this picture, you see the grim looking model wearing riding boots and high-waisted pants, which I usually like, but not on this guy.  The military coat itself is an interesting change from the usual latex jacket.  It appears as if the decorative front panel is just that, a glued on panel with attached buttons.  The buttons are probably purely decorative, while a zip down the middle is doing all the work.  I would have preferred that the breasts on this jacket were real and functional, but I can imagine how difficult that would be to create.  At first, I wasn’t terribly impressed, but I would suggest clicking through and looking at the other images of this jacket.  The different colour options are gorgeous and the detailing on the back of the jacket are also very cool.

I’d love to address more of the military aspect of this item, but I’m a pacifist and I know next to nothing about military designs and history.  Sorry folks!  History buffs are encouraged to come forth and share their knowledge.

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